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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is The Benefit Of Using This Site?

Taxpayers have advisory needs that arise all of the time. We simply provide a slate of tax and financial advisors you can ask questions. We do not accept any money from you.  We simply provide an extraordinary opportunity to speak openly or privately with tax and financial specialists who may not be easily discoverable online! We are not responsible for any advice tax or financial advisors provide you on this platform. Any advice you receive must be reviewed by the tax advisor you retain for these services.

How Secure Is TaxConnections Ask Tax Question/Ask Financial Planning Question Platform?

Our platform is a private forum where only those invited have access. We limit the number of tax and financial specialists in each specialty category. We invite sophisticated business tax and financial executives in small, medium and large business executives to interact with our tax and financial advisors. Every participant must Login to access this secure platform. Our private messaging system also relies on personal and private e-mail for correspondences which is inherently secure and protected.

Why Was Ask Tax Question/Ask Financial Planning Platform Built?

This platform was built to invite extraordinarily talented tax and financial advisors to an exclusive platform to interact with business professionals in large, medium and small closely-held companies. With more than thirty years of experience introducing and connecting tax and financial advisors to a sophisticated clientele, we knew this private forum was needed to connect both parties. We encounter great tax and financial minds and seek to identify the very best in the tax and financial profession. TaxConnections has the unique privilege of making tax and financial advisor connections easier for executives in small, medium and large multinationals corporations.

What Is The Cost To Use TaxConnections Ask Tax Question- Ask Financial Planning Question Resources?

Zero! We do not charge anything to ask and receive an answer to a tax or financial question! TaxConnections provides this exclusive service on a complimentary basis. All we ask is that you read and agree to our Terms of Use to use our platform. There is no charge to ask any of these tax and financial specialist a question. The tax and financial advisors provide their perspective in order to provide options or ideas that may not have ever been considered on a tax or financial matter.

Our advisors goal is introductions to prospective new clients and thus they want to do their very best to answer your question! If you like their ideas, you may retain them on a current or future project. You pay TaxConnections nothing! If you make any payment it is because you have elected to retain this tax expert directly on a project and at your own discretion! TaxConnections does not collect payment for advice on this platform and therefore does not guarantee any advice you receive on this platform; you must retain a professional for their advice.

How Do I Ask A Tax Question or Ask A Financial Planning Question?

Once logged into the Ask Tax Question- Ask Tax Planning Question platform, simply select a specialty advisor or category. Each tax and financial advisor will have tags that describe their tax and financial planning expertise. We have an arrangement with each of them to answer one question asked on a complimentary basis! Once a specialty tax or financial advisor has answered your question, you can choose to continue the conversation with them or retain them for their consulting services. Whatever you decide your business relationship to be with the tax or financial advisor is entirely between you and the advisor.


For Tax And Financial Planning Advisors

What Is The Benefit For Tax And Financial Advisors Appearing On This Platform?

The benefit to our tax and financial planning advisors is they focus more on providing highly specialized expertise; while we boost their in-demand status. TaxConnections focus is educating  taxpayers that specialty tax and financial experts are available and offer unique areas of tax and financial expertise. TaxConnections ability to identify these specialty advisors, leverage their tax and financial expertise, and promote them to taxpayers who seek this specialty expertise it is a win-win for all! Where the business relationship leads after the introductions is entirely between the tax or financial advisor and the business executives they meet on this platform.

How Does Ask Tax Question – Ask Financial Planning Question Work?

We invite tax and financial advisors who are specialists in their respective areas of expertise to participate. We send  invitations to small, medium and large multinational executives and high net worth individuals to join our exclusive platform with Login access to participate on the site. Our private platform facilitates the process of connecting the tax and financial advisors with business executives. You can ask each specialist a question on a complimentary basis without charge. You have the option of asking a question on the TaxConnections platform or you can click on the Private Button which will direct the question to the specialist private email box. Both options are secure.

We understand taxpayers have a wide range of complex tax and financial questions and experienced professionals will have a range of views. This platform will surface ideas and views that may have never been considered previously. It is very important to understand you must retain a professional and ask their advice before adopting any new ideas you learn from this site. Every situation is different and every advisor must have the full scope of information prior to advising you appropriately on your specific tax or financial matter.

Who Are The Tax And Financial Planning Advisors And How Are They Selected For This Platform?

Our tax and financial advisors are highly-driven and successful individuals with multiple tax and financial wealth building specialties! We research and interview tax and financial specialists to determine if they are willing to participate in this by invitation only exclusive platform and answer one question (without charging a fee). Advisors must be vetted to be considered for this platform. Our CEO Kat Jennings is an internationally recognized search consultant in the identification of the top tax and financial experts around the world with a client base that includes:

As A Tax Advisor Or Financial Planning Advisor, How Can I Appear On This Platform?

We conduct extensive research to identify leading tax and financial specialty advisors and invite them to participate. In addition, we send out private invitations to multinational tax and financial business executives to interact with the tax and financial advisors on a complimentary basis to gain a wider perspective on their tax and financial matters. If you are a tax or financial expert wanting to appear as one of our specialty tax or financial advisors, we welcome you. However,  you will need to make your request to our CEO to appear on this platform. We do a lot of work that ultimately promotes these professionals to business executives in small, medium, and large corporations.

How Long Will It Take Me To Receive An Answer?

This is variable and depends on the complexity and category of your tax or financial question and the experts availability and schedule. You can expect one of our specialty advisors to respond and get back to your question within 1-24 hours if you  reach out to them through the private message black button on the platform. However, if they are traveling to another location or on vacation it may take longer depending upon their availability. They are very responsive when they are available. Keep in mind they want to meet you so they go out of their way to make you happy!



For Visitors Asking Questions

What Is TaxConnections Ask Tax Question – Ask Financial Planning Question?

Ask Tax Question And Ask Financial Question is a proprietary platform enabling business professionals to access tax and financial advisors around the world. Every tax and financial planning advisor invited to participate in this exclusive platform is skilled within their specialty area. TaxConnections provides this platform to enable you to access tax and financial advisors that are generally not available or easily discoverable online. Each advisor, at their own discretion, has agreed to answer one question without charging a fee. We provide access to tax and financial advisors who will help you make more informed decisions in building financial wealth. TaxConnections simply provides a valuable resource to connect and interact with these advisors on a complimentary basis to ask a question. We ask that you be respectful of their time as these advisors attract clients who retain them as a result of being on this platform and they must prioritize their day to attend to retained clients first.

Who Are The Business Executives Using This Platform?

TaxConnections sends private invitations to small, medium and large multinational business executives around the world. Business executives are invited to join and contact advisors on Ask Tax Question- Ask Financial Planning Question platform.

They are allowed to ask one question of each specialist and receive an answer without being charged a fee on this one question. This platform provides a wonderful opportunity to connect two parties that may otherwise not meet.

What If The Tax Or Financial Advisor Does Not Get Back To Me Quickly?

Asking a question does not guarantee you will receive an answer. If they do not respond in a timely manner we recommend you go to and Login as a taxpayer with free membership and search for a new advisor who can assist you as soon as possible.