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What Customers Are Saying About TaxConnections?

What a wonderful service! I was happy to get a second opinion from a tax expert

I met through TaxConnections. It saved my company millions of dollars.

JC, CFO, High Technology Company, West Coast, USA

As a VP Tax of a Fortune 1000 company, I needed to get another opinion on a

Transfer Pricing matter. I was so happy TaxConnections made this possible and

very easy to do. Our current firm would have charged me $3000-$5000 for this advice

and the tax expert I met through TaxConnections charged me $500. Great service!

MA, VP Tax, Services Company, Midwest, USA

As a foreign national wanting to invest in the United States, I was uncertain about the

taxes any investment. TaxConnections introduced me to an expert by the name of

William Richards who explained how to set up a trust that protected me before investing

in the United States. I will be forever grateful to William Richards for his outstanding

counsel. His knowledge and intellect is impressive and I met him through TaxConnections.

CJ, Investor, China


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