My Dad Just Passed Away And I Am The Only Child. What Do I Need To Do For Estate Planning?


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Estate And Trust, Fiduciary Coach Charles Woodson has been preparing taxes for trusts/estates for many years. He identified a need for families who are at a loss of what to do when they lose a loved one. He recognized the families left behind need guidance on what to do and how to do things correctly. As a result his leading nationally recognized expertise as a Fiduciary Coach helps families by instructing them where to start and guiding the family members through the entire process. His services are valuable to the families left behind. Charles has been teaching tax professionals of all levels in a wide array of tax areas such as correct filing for estates and trusts income tax returns. He is also an editor for tax training materials for The Income Tax School and the author for tax workshops for California Society of Tax Consultants.

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    That’s a pretty broad question because potentially there are a lot of things to be done.  If Dad left a will it will contain some instructions on what needs to be done but oftentimes there’s not a lot of specific instructions.  If Dad had a trust (and it was properly set up at the beginning) it will provide more details of what needs to be but usually not a lot of day-to-day instructions.  If there was an attorney associated with that trust the law office can provide additional guidance be cautious as most attorneys will charge to provide advice and the hourly rate can be several hundred dollars.  You should seek out the help of a tax professional since much of the work needed is familiar territory for a qualified professional.  If you are seeking a qualified tax professional or (new) estate planning attorney look for someone who will provide an initial appointment at no charge to determine what you need to do next.

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